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Imposter Syndrome is defined as a psychological occurrence in which an individual doubts their skills, talents, or accomplishments and fear of being exposed as a fraud. Isn’t that just powerful? We as coaches work hard to help others become the best they can be by setting goals, help them with roadblocks, and give them tangible action steps so that they can continue and live the life they want, the best they can. So, Let me take you back to the year 2017.

In December of 2017, I was working at the Walmart Call Center when I was awarded associate of the month. My Cubicle was decorated for Christmas and It was the best feeling. I thought to myself that I would call my dad to tell him the great news. After work, I got busy and was unable to call him. My husband and I then was eating dinner when all of a sudden my mom calls me and first says “Brittany, I love you” and your dad went for a run and he has collapsed. Then she had to quickly get of the phone because people were working on him. As the first born child I thought that I needed to check on my brother, so I gave him a call and asked him if he was ok. At that time I could hear that he was crying and I didn’t connect it. He told me that the corners office was on there way, I still didn’t connect it.

Then about 30 minutes later my mom called me again to say that my dad had passed away. I was in complete shock. The next day my husband and I headed off to CO to be with my mom and brother. I was there for a month. During this time, I wanted to create my own job by becoming a health/life coach. So I set out to become a coach and 6 months later I became a certified life/health coach.

Now, Why am I telling you this? Keep reading……

Once I became a coach, I had no clue what I was doing. Imposter Syndrome crept in big time. I thought that no one would want my services and that I doubted my talents. I knew I could do it, but Self-Confidence was at an all time low. I needed help. So, I hired my first coach, because all coaches have coaches to help them grow. Over the years I have had coaches that have gave me so much insight on how to conduct my coaching business…

But, here lately Imposter Syndrome has crept back in my life and my business has stalled. If you haven’t noticed this by now, I am an open book on most things because I have always been that way. Not having any hands, people ask me different things that I answer how I do them.

Having someone believe that you can do this is so amazing and Imposter Syndrome is starting to disappear. I believe that I can help you through one on one coaching where we create better eating habits, build meaningful relationships, create all things happiness and everything in between by carrying out the thriving beautifully method. If you would like to hear more send me a DM with the word Empower. I cannot wait to chat with you!