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Brittany Christie – Life Coach

Life Coach


What I Offer

Clearing the Clutter

A 3 part video series to get clear on clearing clutter out of your life in 3 key areas in your life.

Whats Inside the Video Series:

Day 1: Environment

Clear the Clutter in what is around your environment.

Day 2: Support

Clear the Clutter in Support that is around you

Day 3: Money

Clearing the Clutter in Money. Clear out excess money you do not need!


VIP Coaching

12 weeks of Private 1:1 Coaching fit to your needs. Zoom face-to-face meetings once a week at your perfered time and time zone. Voxer access to me so that you can ask any questions that you may have during our time together. 

What I Do

Life Coaching

I have always wanted to help others. Being Differently abled, I can show and help others to grow into confident, balanced, and strong people who will influence others in their journey through life.

Things I am Obsessed with…..

Skinny Brew & Keto Coffee

Palm Trees

Historial Fiction Books

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