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About Brittany

Life Coach

I was born a double arm amputee. I learned how to adapt to the things around me because not everything is adaptable to people not having any hands. I do not know anything different.

I want to show the world that I am me and how I adapt to the world around me because you never know when you are in an environment that there is not a way for you to use different things around you. 

My Story

How I Got Started

I struggled with finding jobs. Employers would tell me that they would call me to let me know if I got the job or not, and they never did. I eventually got a job at the Walmart call center and I was great at it. I proved to others that I could get a job. Then, It all changed in December 2017. My dad unexpectedly passed away, so I dropped everything to fly to be with my mom and brother. I went on a personal leave to stay a month and greive as a family. Once I came back, I had not dealt with my own grief that I quit my job to deal with that. I finally realized that I wanted to be my own boss, so I set out to become a life coach. The Rest is History!

Things that I am Obsessed with….

My 3 Step Morning Routine

Palm Trees

Historical Fiction Books

What I Do

Life Coach

I have always wanted to help others. Being Differently abled, I can show and help Millennial woman to get their health & life back on track from an unbalanced life. 

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