Beautiful Mind & Soul Coaching

I am a very unique woman. You see, I became a double arm amputee at just 3-days old.

I was 6 weeks early, and my mom went for a check up on what turned out to be my birthday. The doctors went to my parents with the question of to amputate my hands, or not to amputate.

Well, that was a no brainer for for them and they told the doctors to go ahead and amputate my hands. They put bandages on my arms and my mom and dad would need to change the bandages 3 times a day for a month.

As a toddler, My parents would teach me how to use my feet as my hands. I would have a prosthetic arm to help me, but it was actually weighing me down and I had no idea back then that it was. Using my feet became second nature to me and I eventually learned how to write with my feet.

When I was in kindergarten, I would have surgery on my right foot because my mild cerebral palsy would turn it a bit sideways. It was hard at first because I was in a hard cast and I really could not walk. So, my amazing mom woulds have to pick me up and carry me within the house if I wanted to go in the other room.

At that age 5 years old, the kids would not play with me at recess. Hard to believe that? my mom and dad would fight for me to be social and around kids. Then, I found a group of friends that would become my friends until I moved out of state 3 years later.

Moving states and going to a different school is a lot to take in at 8 years old. I was so used to doing things in away that I was used to, but I was with new people and I started to learn how to adapt to the things around me.

And I have been that way ever since. It has made me who I am..

In 2014, I married my best friend, and we started our lives together. At that time I did not have a job and all I did was sit and watch tv. I sometimes would get really bored. Until one day, my husband would come to me telling me that I could do what he was doing. He was working at the Walmart Call Center.

So, I went for it, and I got an interview. Then, I got the job! I was a resolution specialist where I would take calls from customers about the stores all around the U.S. I was so excited to be working and I was actually pretty good at it.

8 months into that job, I got promoted to the next level and I would be 1 of 10 to start this pilot program. At this point I would be only talking to associates.

I was only there at that position 6 months, when tragedy would come to my family. On December 19th of 2017, I had just received Associate of the month at my job, when I thought to myself that I would call mom and dad after work to tell them how excited I was. When I came home, I waited until my husband came home to eventually eat dinner, when all of a sudden my mom called me. The first thing she said was, I love you and I wanted to let you know that dad has collapsed. Once she said that, she handed the phone to a friend and I was like “what’s going on?”. my friend said that my mom was talking to the sheriff and said she would call me right back.

After I got off the phone, I thought to myself I should call my brother to see if he was ok. So, I called him. I could clearly tell that he was crying and I asked if he was going to go to the hospital to see dad. {At that time they were going to take dad to the hospital} but my brother said he was not going, but the corners was on their way. By that time, I did not connect the dots. Then, my mom called back and said that he had passed away. I just fell to my feet and started sobbing. I was a daddy’s girl and we had a special bond. I know had to navigate my life without my dad.

By March 2018, I had quit my corporate job and needed to take time for myself to heal. In the back of my mind, I thought to myself that I wanted to become a life coach. So, I set out to become certified.

I also wanted to create my own job so that I could work for myself all while helping others.

So, now I help others because that is what I have been called to do.