Beautiful Mind & Soul Coaching

Hello There Thriving Beauty! 

I know that I have been sooo MIA. I actually needed to take a step back and reevaluate everything. I am going to be honest with you and say that burn out is REAL! I recently went back to the Walmart Home Office as a Recruiting Coordinator. I have been getting used to the workload and what I will be doing M-F. I really cannot go more into detail because it is confidential, but it is pretty cool.

So, once I felt comfortable with my full-time job at Walmart, I started to miss being a life coach and bringing content and creating programs for y’all. I decided that I wanted to create a 90-day program to help you get your health back from an unbalanced life to a balanced life. So, I did exactly that!

Now, you are probably wondering and wanting to ask: Britt, why are you telling me this?

Well, I am getting to that, so bare with me. I started with the basics and created an amazing 90 day program called: Thriving Beautifully Method. Pretty cool huh? I will have another post details what’s inside this 90 day program.

I started thinking about the first part of this 90 day program which is goal setting. We all have lists that we write down and we check them off, so this will be right up your alley. So, lets get down to what this post is really about. So grab your favorite beverage, pen & paper or your notes on your laptop or ipad and lets do the darn thing 😊

So, Let’s start by a 90 day goal. Here is a few questions to get you thinking: What are some outcomes, maybe two or three outcomes you would like to have happen in the next 90 days?.

It is that easy! Now, that is a good start for goal setting. I don’t want to give away too much in this blog post, so next week we will be discussing Anchoring those goals. So watch out for next weeks blog! I hope this helps you to think about what you want and accomplish in 90 days.