Beautiful Mind & Soul Coaching

I always thought that it would be so difficult for me to get a great job. One where my bosses would let me do a great job. I wanted to have a successful career that paid well. 

I was off to a great start, and the unexpected happen when my dad passes away suddenly. I was not in the right frame of mind to continue with the work that I was doing. So I left my job. 

I took time to heal, but I was craving for something more.

To work. 

I discovered that I really love coaching. So I found a place to get certified.  And 6 months later I was a certified holistic health & mindset coach!

I love helping people to achieve their authentic charm and seeing they have had the power in them the whole time. 

All they were needing was having someone to guide them. 

I just love that feeling of accomplishment by seeing the look on their face knowing that I helped them to get what they wanted. 

It is my favorite thing in the world!