Beautiful Mind & Soul Coaching

I know what probably is going on in your head………

  • I am needing to be healthy, but I do not have time to go to the gym and workout
  • I don’t want to cook anything that my family or friends would not want to eat
  • I don’t have any energy to do anything to get my health back on track
  • I am sooo stressed to the max that I do not have time to talk to someone that could help me

Don’t worry……..

I have been in that same headspace.

The other day, I went into our bathroom to see how much I weighted because I have been working out and I wanted to see if I was making any progress. Well, when I put my feet on the scale, I was SURPRISED. I had actually gained weight. I suddenly felt very disappointed in myself that I didn’t work harder at loosing the weight that I set for myself that I wanted to loose. I then suddenly realized that I was not showing up for my health like I should be. I mean after all, I am a health coach lol

I am going to get real with y’all for a minute.

You know what that is called when you say you want to do something like getting your health back and you don’t end up doing that for yourself?

That is called Self-Sabotage.

I was self-sabotaging myself for a healthier lifestyle that I was craving and needing. I was not showing up for my health so that I can become the best version of myself. If I do not show up for my health, my work, friends, family, husband all suffer because I am feeling rotten and not as outgoing and bubbly as I normally am.

So, Showing up for your health is important.

Can you imagine if you show up what your life would be like?

  • A Habit change that will last you a lifetime
  • Have lots of energy
  • Feel less stressed out
  • Have more confidence

The possibilities are endless as long as you show up for yourself and your health.

I have the strategies to help guide you to show up for your health!

I welcome you to come have a chat with me about your Show Up for your Health plan, so we can get your health like you want it.

Are you ready to dive in with me?