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Clearing the Clutter!

by Jan 13, 2019Coaching

Hello Beautiful Souls! I hope y’all are having a great Sunday afternoon! 

I first want to start off by asking this question: 

 Is there any Clutter in your environment that needs to be cleared out??

Now, there are 3 steps to clear the clutter in your life. Those three are: Environment, Support, and Money. We will be discussing all three of these steps!

Lets begin! 

The First step is Environment: is your workplace cluttered? there are 5 ways to clear the clutter. The first way is to clear off your desk of the mounds of paper, receipts, bills, and anything that needs to be filed away. The next thing is to remove the piles of magazines, papers, or projects from your office or closet floor. Then, if you have bookshelves, remove piles of stuff from the bookshelves and making sure your books, photos, and knick knacks are neatly and attractively arranged. Next, unsubscribe from at least 5  electronic newsletters that you never seem to find the time to read. The final thing to do is clearing out your inbox of clutter and any messages older then two weeks! Now, out of these actions, which one sounds easiest for you?

The Second step is Support: Here are some ways to clear the clutter in support. The first one is spending time daily with people who think big and take consistent action. Next, if people around you speak negatively, ask them not to be in your presence. Seek out and make a new friend of someone who is in a higher income bracket so you’re inspired to leap to your next level of success. Lastly, think of someone who drives you nuts. Ask yourself, “what do I need right now to help ME feel happy, relaxed, and fulfilled? On these action steps, I want you to choose which one would be the hardest for you?

We, have made it to the last step!!!

The Last step is Money. Yes, I said Money! Start by bringing all money owed to you up-to-date, next use gift cards, then gather your loose money. Lastly, Enlighten you’re Wallet. For this step, I want you to choose which of these are the hardest and the easiest.

This is just the beginning of moving forward  for you in creating the BEST version of yourself!

Take a few days to work on these steps and get back with me to let me know how it went.


Here’s to finding your Spirit! 💕